In order for a blind, disabled, or individual 65 or older to access Medicaid benefits, there is an income and resource test.

The following are the Financial Medicaid Levels for 2023 in New York State for blind, disabled, or 65 years + individuals seeking Medicaid coverage:

The 2023 figures are a significant increase compared to 2022, which will make this benefit available to many more eligible applicants.

For Medicaid Community (Home Care and Assisted Living) Benefits:

  • Resource Allowance (for Individual): $30,182 (significantly increased from $16,800 in 2022)
  • Resource Allowance (for couple on Medicaid): $40,821 (from $24,600 in 2022)
  • Income Allowance (for Individual): $1,677 per month (a huge increase from $934/mo in 2022)
  • Income Allowance (for couple on Medicaid): $2,268 per month (a huge increase from $1,367/mo in 2022)

For Medicaid Institutional (Nursing Home) Benefits: 

  • Resource Allowance (for Individual): $30,182
  • Resource Allowance (for couple on Medicaid): $40,821
  • Income Allowance (for Individual in Nursing Home): $50

Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance (Income) for Community Spouse: $3,715.50

Community Spouse Resource Allowance: $148,620

Medicaid Home Equity Limit: $1,033,000

To find out what all of these figures mean for your individual situation, and how you can set the optimal plan for your specific needs, call our office to schedule a consultation. See how we can help you!