Compassionate and Understanding

My family worked with Esther and her associates with my grandmother’s trust account, but went back again to have them put together my dad’s trust account. Esther and Esty were so wonderful. They were compassionate and understanding. Anytime I had a question they were right there. If I needed guidance they were there. If you are in need of a great elder care attorney I would highly recommend Esther Schwartz Zelmanovitz.

– Anonymous

We were so impressed.

We first consulted Esther to assist us with several legal documents regarding my mom. We were so impressed with her, my husband and I hired her to re-draft our wills and a variety of other papers.

– Anonymous

Informative and Excellent Consultant

Ms. Zelmanovitz is very informative & excellent consultant. She explained all our concerns & questions very well. I recommend everyone who needs estate planning.

– Anonymous

It was the BEST RECOMMENDATION I could have received!

I was recommended to Esther Zelmanovitz by a friend who also is a lawyer. It was the BEST RECOMMENDATION I could have received! I am a very anxious person and, because I was seeking an attorney to create my trust, I was filled with a great deal of fear as well. Esther, her associate and her staff were outstanding in their response to my concerns. I feel so completely fortunate to have found her ! In all our transactions Esther was knowledgeable, trustworthy, and answered all my questions with compassion and clarity. I never felt intimidated or dismissed. Even, when days after a meeting, I had additional issues to discuss, she promptly responded to me. – answering all my calls with understanding and excellent guidance. When the document was finally completed she patiently walked me through each page, explaining what each meant – stopping and elaborating when necessary. I am truly appreciative and will definitely use her for any future services I may have.

– Anonymous

Exceptional service.

“Exceptional service. From the first consultation with Esty Levinson, to the finished product, Esty handled my Trust with professional and personal care. She and the entire firm came highly recommended. All questions were answered. Quick response to emailed queries. I highly recommend the firm.”

– Martin

Very knowledgeable and straightforward

“Esther listened carefully to my questions and concerns relating to my role as estate administrator. She was very candid in her comments, impressed me with her estate law knowledge, and made me aware of various factors to consider as I continue moving forward in my administrator activities.”

– Jeff

“I highly recommend the law firm of Esther Zelmanovitz. My husband and I worked with Esther and her wonderful associate Esther Levinson on matters concerning Elder Law and Estate Planning. They are professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. They offered good advise in planning. Unfortunately, my husband recently passed away and both Esthers have been available and attentive to my every need at this trying time. I am truly appreciative of the firm for their caring attention to me.”

– F.P.

“Outstanding service. We pushed off doing our will for years, and we’re not organized about details. Esther walked us through the information clearly and patiently, and then followed up to be sure we got it all done.”

– E.L.

“I appreciate how you listened and brought your expertise to our situation. The dedication and compassion that you bring to your profession shines. Thank you!”

– P.T.

“My family and I worked with Esther Levinson on a very complicated financial and legal situation for our brother who unexpectedly entered a nursing home. We were overwhelmed with many questions and fears and Esty not only explained everything to us (tirelessly), but she held our hands throughout the whole process and made sure we were comfortable each step along the way. The reason we picked the Zelmanovitz firm is because they have an expertise in both legal and financial matters and could untangle even the most complex problems with brilliance and empathy. I highly recommend the firm, and our own experience with Esty has taken the intimidation out of dealing with lawyers, so it felt more like a partnership and less like a legal transaction. She listened carefully to my brother’s needs and the concerns of all the family members (there were a lot of us!) and we all walked away feeling supported and knowing we handled things the right way for our loved one.”

– Anonymous

“Esther Zelmanovitz and her associate Esther Levinson worked with me and my husband for Estate Planning. Both attorneys are knowledgeable and professional and were wonderful to work with. They provided good and reliable advise. My husband recently passed away and they were both available and caring to me at this difficult time. I highly recommend this law firm.”

– Anonymous

“I recently worked with Esty Levinson as she helped my 95 year old aunt revise and update her will. I live in Los Angeles and my aunt lives in Queens, so finding someone we could trust from afar was paramount. And Esty was wonderful! She was so incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient on every level, but most of all kind, understanding, patient, and compassionate. Any time we had questions, she responded immediately and made the whole process for me and my aunt seamless, and surprisingly quick! I feel so lucky to have found her (thanks to a referral from my cousin) and I would highly recommend calling her for any of your estate planning/elder care legal needs. She was such a pleasure to work with! Thank you Esty!”

– M.C.

“In 2019 we had the unfortunate situation because our brother suffered an accident that left him disabled and needing rehabilitation and eventually permanent nursing home care. Since he was alone in New York and all his relatives resided in other states, we urgently needed orientation to face this unexpected situation. We contacted Esther Schwartz Zelmanovitz, PLLC who received us at her office for a comprehensive orientation. We had a very cordial reunion where after reviewing our situation, Mrs. Zelmanovitz presented us her recommendations and options for a plan to provide for our brother’s long term care and wellbeing. Since the siblings lived out of state it was of tremendous help that, after we retained the lawyers, they prepared all the necessary legal documents to allow them to provide for his care and application for Medicaid. For several months we were in communication by telephone and by emails as all the documentation necessary for the Medicaid application was gathered and organized. Finally we received the good news that he had been accepted for Medicaid thus assuring for his long term nursing home care. We are very pleased with the pleasant, diligent and professional manner in which Esther Zelmanovitz and Esty Levinson and their office handled our case. EJWC”

– Anonymous

“I’ve consulted and hired Esther for estate planning needs. Esther exceed all my expectations. Her review of existing documents offered valuable insight as to important areas where additional guidance was needed. I highly recommend Esther. Professional, very detailed & knowledgeable on all aspects in this highly specialized area of law.”

– David

“Esther L. and Esther Z. were both very professional. They took their time to analyze the situations of both my Mom and Dad, and presented realistic options. We weren’t rushed into any decisions, which in the end saved us money.”

– Anonymous

“Thank you so much for your work. It was a big relief to me to find such warm, friendly people who knew what they were doing, got back to me quickly, and explained things so well.”

– J.H.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Zelmanovitz when I accompanied my brother to sign papers regarding his estate planning. Ms. Zelmanovitz was patient, professional, and approachable while walking us through the wills, trusts, etc. that she drew up for my brother. I highly recommend her if you require a lawyer for your estate planning.”

– L.L.

“We were so fortunate to find Esther Schwartz Zelmanovitz office right in time. Esther is a reliable, competent and trustworthy attorney. She did everything possible to help us in our rather urgent situation. She worked with us to have the necessary appointments in time and with our schedule in mind. All I can say is our elder care case could have been costly. But Esther saved us from the unnecessary court proceedings and other expenses that we were pushed towards to with another attorney.”

– Anonymous

“Highly recommended. Integrity, Professionalism, Accessibility and Service are the cornerstones for this firm. Esther’s approach in helping her clients exceed expectations. Give Esther a call to discuss your estate planning, elder law, special need planning or estate administration needs.”

– D.D.

“Dealing with Esther Zelmanovitz was a pleasurable experience. She helped me with a will, a trust, power of attorney documents and similar things. She explained everything very clearly. Her staff is amazing, as I had to call them several times with questions and clarifications. I definitely recommend her.”

– S.W.

“Esther and her team provided us so much needed help and guidance during our difficult times. My wife was diagnosed with a serious condition and Esther worked with us to set up Medicaid for her so that she can receive the proper care. Esther and her team are very flexible with their schedules and responded to us even during off work hours. So far we have no complaints.”

– John

“Very professional firm, hired them to get help with Estate planning questions. We worked with Esther Zelmanovitz and have only good things to say about her. She guided us through the whole process, answered our million questions, explained us all the possible options and was fast to respond whenever we had those questions. I cannot recommend her more because she is very knowledgeable in this area of expertise.”

– Anonymous

“I found Esther Schwartz Zelmanovitz profile online and she seems to be one of the best lawyers in several areas, including Medicaid planning. I got a good impression the first time I spoke to her over the phone and she instilled a confidence in me about my case. She’s very professional and punctual. When I spoke to her in person, she explained to me possible options and a clear plan step by step. Her office kept me in the loop with follow ups, I didn’t need to call them to find out on my status. I find keeping a customer in the loop is one of the most important things when it comes to working with a professional lawyer, and Esther Zelmanovitz and her office are exactly that.”

– Angela

“I was looking for an attorney for a while, but was hesitant to start working with a new person. Esther Zelmanovitz was recommended to me by my friend who was able to successfully resolve issues with her Medicare with the help of Esther. I also checked her profile on this website and found I lot of positive reviews. I finally decided to work with her, and I’m glad that I did. First of all, she’s very pleasant to talk to and seems to be very knowledgeable on the subject matter. She is also fast to respond or to answer my calls whenever I have questions. The most important thing was that we were able to resolve my Medicare mess up.”

– Bethanny

“No-nonsense, straight to the point and very professional… these are the words I would use to describe Esther Schwartz Zelmanovitz. I consider myself a very detail oriented person, sometimes pushing the boundaries on the patience of the person providing the details. I was very relieved and pleased when I found that Esther was not only very knowledgeable in her field but also welcomed any and all questions I had. Can’t say that about many attorneys. She knows her business and she is very good at it. She is extremely efficient and professional. She is always responsive to my phone calls and emails and always available to answer questions. I would definitely recommend her to my friends!”

– Gail

“I reached out to Esther when my Dad took ill and was no longer able to handle his affairs. I found Esther to be extremely knowledgeable in the areas of Eldercare. She explained my options and laid out a clear step plan of what I needed to do both in the near and long-term. She and her office were proactive in following up with me and patiently answered all my questions. I would absolutely recommend Esther to anyone in need of Eldercare advice and planning.”

– Elliott

“The lawyers were very helpful and patient. It took some time for me to understand and they were always available to answer questions and explain the different options.”

– E.L.

“My experience with Esther Schwartz Zelmanovitz office was above my initial expectations. We needed to establish a trust, wills, etc. And the whole experience was flawless. She was prompt to respond and always short and on point. If we needed more information, she easily presented the information in layman terms, so that everyone was on the same page. Her office coordinated with other third parties and filled out the necessary paperwork in time and without delays.”

– Anonymous

“You gals are great and made me feel so at ease. Thank you!”

– R.V.

“It was a pleasure working with Esther Zelmanovitz and her staff. They always answered my questions promptly and completely, and have been a big help to our family in a difficult time.”

– E.E.

“Esther was recommended to me by a good friend. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. She is very responsive and has assisted my family on a number of occasions. I would recommend Esther to anyone seeking an experienced legal professional.”

– Anonymous

“Thank you very much for all your advice and assistance with settling my father’s trust. It was a difficult time for us and you helped make everything easy to understand. I wish you all the best.”

– S.C.

“Thank you thank you thank you! I would highly recommend you to others the way you were highly recommended to me to help me with my mother’s Medicaid issues.”

– A.B.

“At a very difficult time when I needed to think of the fifty things I needed to do to care for my sick father, and then after his passing, it was so comforting to know that I had a group of nice people that were efficiently dealing with all of our legal needs. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get through this difficult time.”

– G.W.

“I have consulted with Esther in many areas of elder law and she is very knowledgeable and up to speed on how to best protect her clients. Esther is a caring attorney that listens to your needs and takes the best course of action to ensure that her clients are well-protected. I would definitely recommend using Esther as an attorney and will not hesitate to use Esther in the future for any further services I may need.”

– Anonymous

“Both attorneys were very patient and offered us options. I didn’t feel I was steered in any particular direction. Excellent guidance, very professional, and personable attorneys.”

– Anonymous